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Bait Boat

we strongly recommend the use of a bait boat at Legendia Carp. We can rent you a RT4 bait boat for £120 per week (available with sonar and GPS functions)


Remember, you don’t need to bring your own bivvy. Bivvies are set up at stations 2, 3, 4 and 5. You can bring your own if you want to fish swim 1.


A little training is required and provided if you’ve never used this boat before.


Landing net, slings, and craddle are also supplied on all swims

Tackle Hire

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3 Rod Setup

DescriptionPrice (per week)QuantityPrice (per week)
Monster Weighing Sling & Tripod10Providedn/a
Delkim Bite Alarms & Indicators15345
Monster Unhooking Matt5Providedn/a
Shimano Bait runner reels15345
Rod Pod15115
Nash Wide boy Bed chair15115
JRC Defender Chair10110
Fox Landing Net10Providedn/a
Fox Rangemaster Rods15345
Bivvy Table10110
Normal Price£195
Deal Price£160

We have quite a few small products in our shop, such as hooks and Korda Safe Hybrid Leader.

if you want to know exactly what we have in stock or if we have a particular product, please contact us. Don't worry, in any case we'll be able to get you what you need if you break or lose anything.

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Bait Boat RidgemonKey

the use of the bait boat is highly recommended in Legendia because carp are often under tree branches.

We have two Ridgemonkey priming boats (available for hire). We've adapted them to Legendia with a slightly larger hooper but which still allows you to put your rigs on easily. We offer them with or without Deeper (Sonar).

Bait Boat Ridgemonkey : £99
Bait Boat with deeper : £139
Bait Boat with Deeper & Tablet + Tripod : £159

Legendia Carp

Experience angling paradise at Legendia Carp in Normandy, near Caen and Cherbourg ferries. With top-notch facilities and a 2-acres lake hosting super-powered carp, including legendary albino catfish and Ghost carp.

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