acre lake in Normandy

Unveiling the Secrets of Legendia Carp

This lake is home to a thriving population of 100 carp, boasting an impressive average weight of 37 lbs and a record-setting 65 lbs. Your likelihood of landing catches exceeding 40 lbs is notably higher. Notably, the lake harbors rare gems, including 3 Ghost carp, with one named Casper weighing over 53 lbs, displaying mesmerizing colors, and a colossal albino catfish surpassing 100 lbs. Discover an exceptional concentration of stunning and rare fish in this modest-sized lakeā€”an extraordinary rarity. The angling difficulty is moderate, not a runs water, but when the lake is in prime condition, expect rapid and exhilarating catches, increasing your opportunities to surpass personal bests.

In Search of Spectacular Specimens

After various stockings, we estimate the stock at over 100 carp. Around 30% of the carp weigh over 40 lbs, and many others are over 30 lb, which helps maintain a high average.

The first stockings took place between 2009 and 2010. The lake was closed for the first few years to allow the fish to feed with confidence and gain weight. The results have been nothing short of impressive; in 2013 and 2022 new fish between 30 and 45 lbs were added to bring in fresh blood and increase food competition

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no nuisance : No Crayfish & no poisson chat & no sturgeon. Only one albino catfish

The unexpected

Legendia Carp

Experience angling paradise at Legendia Carp in Normandy, near Caen and Cherbourg ferries. With top-notch facilities and a 2-acres lake hosting super-powered carp, including legendary albino catfish and Ghost carp.

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