Vernon Horsnell and group had 68 fish in total.

24 fish from 9lb to 26lb no pics,19lb mirror,20lb4oz grass,26lb common,26lb4oz common,26lb4oz grass,26lb4oz mirror,2 x 27lb8oz mirror,28lb mirror,28lb8oz common,29lb mirror,29lb8oz common,30lb grass,30lb mirror,30lb4oz mirror,30lb8oz mirror,31lb common,31lb mirror,31lb8oz mirror,2 x 32lb common,32lb grass,2 x 32lb mirror,2 x 33lb common,34lb mirror,3 x 37lb mirror,38lb mirror,40lb1oz mirror,2 x 40lb8oz mirror3 x ,41lb mirror,41lb8oz mirror,42lb mirror,43lb mirror,44lb mirror,44lb4oz mirror,47lb ghost,110lb cat .