Chris Reece had 50 fish in total

12lb1oz grass, 16lb15oz grass, 24lb2oz mirror, 26lb5oz mirror, 26lb mirror, 26lb5oz mirror, 27lb 14oz mirror, 31lb4oz common, 32lb7oz common, 32lb8oz mirror, 32lb mirror, 32lb5oz mirror, 33lb2oz mirror, 34lb8oz mirror, 34lb15oz mirror, 36lb14oz mirror, 37lb10oz common, 38lb8oz mirror, 38lb common, 39lb4oz common, 39lb5oz mirror, 39lb12oz common , 39lb15oz common,2 x  39lb15oz mirror, 39lb5oz mirror, 39lb7oz mirror, 40lb4oz mirror, 40lb13oz mirror, 41lb4oz mirror, 41lb5oz mirror, 41lb10oz mirror, 41lb5oz ghost common, 2 x  42lb mirror, 42lb6oz mirror, 43lb5oz mirror, 44lb1oz mirror, 44lb8oz mirror, 44lb mirror, 45lb7oz mirror, 29lb7oz mirror, 48lb mirror, 26lb6oz mirror no pic, 31lb2oz mirror no pic, and 3 other fish no pic and weights .