Swim 1

the tree of life


Swim 2

the hammer


Swim 3


Swim 4

diamond triangle

Swim 5



Our beautiful freshwater lake is lined with trees, many of which overlook the water, and is fed by both an ancient river and an underground spring. Fishing on many large carp lakes in France means that you have to hunt fish for days on end with very little success. Our lake, which measures just under 2 acres, is teeming with large, healthy specimens, which means that good results are virtually guaranteed.

The very good quality water of our lake and the nature of the bottom allows us to have perfectly healthy and very vigorous fish. You will be able to check this during exciting fights where the outcome is always uncertain. It’s up to you to tame the monster!

You will benefit from 5 swims, each with its own characteristics and hot spots.

It is rare to have so many areas to explore in so little water. There will be something for all tastes: hard bottom, muddy bottom, lily pads. At Legendia Carp, calm moments are often followed by a storm and when your alarm sounds all dreams are allowed…

Bivvy set up on swims 2,3,4 and 5




Swim 1 - the Tree of Life

This is the closest swim to the accommodation. An ideal position if you are only 1 or 2 anglers on the lake. Here, you will feel as if you are surrounded by trees. Relax, enjoy the scenery and get ready for the fight …

Swim 2 - The Hammer

The Hammer is an imposing, massive swim as its name suggests. Here you will not lack space and spots to explore. It is the shallowest part of the lake but also the most oxygenated. The carp like to settle here, especially during the hottest days.

Swim 3 - The kings compass

You are in the centre of the lake and therefore you have the choice of area to fish. Here, the choice of the location of your bait is the key to success. Think carefully, observe and you will be able to detect the presence of fish. At night you may be woken up by your alarms or a carp jump.

Swim 4 - Diamonds Triangle

Some very nice fishing has been done on this swim but don’t assume that success is guaranteed! Fishing in areas where the depth changes could be one of the keys. But don’t forget to fish under the trees as big surprises await you.

Swim 5 - The SPEAR

The last swim and definitely the most mysterious. Big fish often hide here, especially the catfish. Go and flush out the fish where it is and get ready for explosive fights.

The Lake’s Features


The lake has been de-silted and contains no crayfish or poison chat, both common in French waters, so netting of bait is not necessary

For great carp fishing holidays, much work has been done to the lake to improve the fishing here at Legendia Carp.

Gravel bars and egg features have been created using 500 tonnes of gravel. Deep holes, reed beds and lily patches also ensure every swim provides great carp fishing.

The water depth varies from 2 foot to 14 foot with deep margins all around the lake, so just when you think the fight is over, you have to think again as the fish try to dive down for cover. There are 5 swims on the lake, but we recommend four anglers to fish the lake at one time. Each swim has plenty of room for your setup.