Massive fish

A legendary lake with legendary fish

Powerful carp

Don’t lose sight of the rods and hang on to them.

Rare fish

3 ghost carp, albino catfish,…

The fish of legends

We offer superb specimens of carp over 50lb and also a rare Mandarin catfish (otherwise known as an Albino catfish) of 107lb. All fish are in great condition.

We have a stock of approximately 100 carp all with beautiful scattered scale markings. Since the fish have been introduced to the lake they have been fed on a diet recommended by top fish farmers and biologists. This is proven to be very successful. We have 5 different fifty pound plus fish, one 60+ and an average size of carp of approximately 38lb’s.

This all means you have a good chance of catching a fish of a life time at Legendia Carp …

The lake is full of large specimen fish that are fighting fit and ripe for catching.

Most Wanted Fish


During the first fish stock-ings, young and healthy fish with weights, for the most part above 25lbs, were rigorously selected (varied mix between common, mirror, and some rare fish). A feeding program was put in place to improve not only the growth of the fish but also their vigour. Today the results are very interesting and allow you to enjoy a high-quality carp stock.