Crafting the Ultimate Legendia Experience

We’ve put together an equipment pack to help you achieve your goals. 4 key points to help you succeed in your fishing especially catching one of our A-Team. Once you’ve caught one, we’ll help you make the most of it.


rental is the key to success at Legendia – don’t ask any more questions, use our markers perfectly suited to our lake.


Very often the photos don’t live up to your catches. Too much excitement, bad lighting, the wrong camera,…. discover our solutions

Social or Family ?

Whether you’re coming with family or friends, we offer a little extra to make your stay even more enchanting.

An unforgettable memory

Leave with an indelible souvenir of Legendia Carp and a sense of mission accomplished.

RidgeMonkey Markers

Location is the Key

You'll soon realize that at Legendia, location is key. Some fish always feed in the same place. Over the years, our anglers have come to understand this and have set up "home-made" markers in the trees (on the banks in front of the swims). Unfortunately, they're not always easy to spot, especially at night, and that's when they have to make the difference. We've adapted 6 markalite RidgeMonkey markers on bankstick so you can set them up comfortably on the opposite bank to mark your fishing spot. And if you wish, we can place some of them for you.

Essential tools

Tripods and lighting for unforgettable memories.

We supply a photo tripod for each swim, allowing you to install a camera or smartphone on it (supplied with the adapter). The tripods are also equipped with lighting for successful night photography. You can use the tripods for lighting only, and take your photo as usual. You'll see the difference is incredible!



to go even further at the end of your stay, we can retouch 3 photos of your choice with professional software. Change the brightness, contrast, enhance the colors and even change the sky.



Panasonic G7 (Photos & Videos)

A G7 at your disposal

If you wish, we can also supply you with a Panasonic G7, a reflex for top-quality photos, whatever the conditions. The advantage of the Panasonic G7 is its perfect balance between ease of use and performance. It also lets you take photos on your own, thanks to its swivel screen. You'll need just a few minutes to get to grips with the main features; we'll be there to help you, of course. If you'd like to use your own camera or phone, there's no problem. At the end of your stay we'll send you all your photos by email via our website with secure access (no loss of quality). Once your stay is over, the photos are deleted from the camera.


The cherry on top !

We prepare our beer up with l of fresh beer. All you have to do is put down your glass and enjoy a good time with friends. If you're not too keen on beer, we'll swap our beer up for a welcome basket filled with high-quality local products (cakes, jams, etc.).

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Experience Pack Prices

£ 297

No matter how many people

Legendia Carp

Experience angling paradise at Legendia Carp in Normandy, near Caen and Cherbourg ferries. With top-notch facilities and a 2-acre lake hosting super-powered carp, including legendary albino catfish and Ghost carp.

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