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Gazebo base camp


Live the experience 100% !



Included in our Experience offer, you will receive on arrival 9kg of our 3-star boilies and 1kg of a surprise boilie. This will allow you to increase your chances of success immediately with boilies which are appreciated by carp as they are used in their winter feed. A real game changer!


Take advantage of the high-quality pellets used to feed carp in winter. It is a reassuring element for the fish because it identifies it more with food than with fishermen.


Essential in your bait, it will allow you to quickly attract fish to your spot with natural bait.


We provide 1 box of wafter and 1 box of poppup to vary your fishing style. To this we add a very special booster.

Optimal Fishing

When you come to fish Legendia you all hope to catch the carp of lifetime. Well, you’ve come to the right place, but to increase your chances we have a range of tackle available.


You will have 4 RidgeMonkey Markalites already positioned, not in the water as is usual for its use, but on the bank facing the swim (1 in front of each swim) on a bank-stick also equipped with luminous and reflective visuals; you will be able to distinguish them easily by day and by night.

They will be placed on the 4 best spots of Legendia Carp, the ones which produced not only the most fish but also the biggest carp.
The Markalite lights up automatically as soon as it gets dark. You can turn them on or off with the remote control at any time and change their colours (red, green, purple, white). The battery is not a problem as they can work for up to ten days

But that’s not all; we provide you with 4 extra Markalites, allowing you to place them as you wish in the areas that you want to mark and that you find interesting. Of course, during the week, we can help you if you wish to place them in areas that seem interesting to us to prospect.

lake map

To make your fishing easier, we provide you with detailed map of the lake (exact depth, variations, etc.) on a dedicated tablet (1 for 2 anglers). We will also provide it to you on your smartphone.

You will be able to place your bait perfectly. The lake will no longer hold any secrets for you and you will increase your chances of catching some stunning fish.

More information on markalite here


Gazebo base camp

Ultimate Social Sessions

In 2020, we cleared vegetation to make a beautiful space between swims 3 and 4. It is located in front of the water lilies in the midst of trees, with a direct view over the lake. It is a relaxing place to meet with friends and family.

For 2022 (the work will be finished by February 2022) we will add a touch of comfort to this area. We will provide you with the latest Nash bivvy, the Nash Gazebo Pro XL. A real bivvy, transformed into a base camp, with a large floor space and a considerable height.

You can meet there to share a drink, a coffee or a meal but, especially, to exchange ideas on strategy, or the latest catch. In short, your ultimate companion for a perfect social occasion.
Add two Nash Indulgence moon chairs, a table and some accessories and you have the ultimate social base camp.

Add two Nash Indulgence moon chairs, a table and some accessories and you have the ultimate social base camp.


As everyone knows, night fishing can be prolific, including Legendia. Nothing is more annoying than not being in optimal conditions, with low, or even failing, lighting. In our experience package, we offer you a complete lighting solution for all situations.

You will benefit from lights in the 4 corners of each swim that will turn on as soon as you leave your bivvy. We also provide you with a RidgeMonkey Multi Lite torch per swim.
This is a very versatile light that will allow you to light up the opposite bank and is the perfect complement to our Markalite (see Optimal Fishing). You can also use it to light up the water in front of your spot during your fight or use it as an additional bivvy light.

Supplied with several types of attachment, it can also be fixed on a bank-stick to light up your catches at night during the photo shoot. In the same way, we also provide you with additional lights for your camera or your smartphone (supports included) as well as different tripods.
Finally, we provide you with a USB rechargeable bivvy light that can also be used as a torch to move around at night.
In short, we provide you with all the necessary lighting for your stay, not only to fish in optimal conditions, but also to take the most beautiful pictures of your carp.

More information about our lights here


Tablet & CINEMA

The cinema at your feet or in your bivvy is what we offer you with this option. We provide you with tablets and tripods for optimal comfort of use. If the lake is quieter (we don’t wish that on you!) you can choose a film from a wide choice (from the latest to the great classics). Of course, we also offer you a selection of the best carp fishing videos.

Nintendo Switch

A little nostalgia and a lot of fun. Enjoy the Nintendo Switch with a selection of the best games. Play everywhere: in your bivvy, on  TV, on the terrace, with family, friends or solo… Hours of fun ahead !


We provide a complete archery game that is great fun for both adults and children. You will be able to play it near the fishing swims so you don’t miss a single bite!



Discover our wide range of t-shirts, sweat-shirts and hats for men and women in our online shop. You can even order on your return, and items will be delivered direct to your home. You will be able to see some of the styles during your stay and choose according to your needs.


Regardless of the number of anglers or non-anglers the price remains the same and includes all the options listed above.