Tree-Surrounded Carp Oasis

Bivvy provided and set up on swims 2, 3, 4, and 5, ensuring you’re ready to seize every memorable angling opportunity.


Nestled amidst picturesque trees and nourished by both an ancient river and an underground spring, our enchanting freshwater lake provides a stark contrast to the common fishing experience on larger carp lakes in France. Measuring just under 2 acres, our lake is a haven for big carp ensuring a high likelihood of success compared to the often elusive pursuits on larger bodies of water.

The exceptional water quality and diverse lake bottom contribute to the health and vitality of our fish, evident in the vigorous nature of every exciting battle. With 5 swims, each offering unique characteristics and hotspots, you’ll have a range of options to explore within this compact water haven. From hard bottoms to muddy depths and lily pad sanctuaries, Legendia Carp provides a variety of settings to cater to all preferences.

Swim 1

the swim in front of the house, which allows you to fish the entire lake (maximum 4 rods)

Swim 2

the most spacious peg with interesting areas to fish, including a willow

Swim 3

a fairly central swim with water lilies nearby and the opposite bank to explore

Swim 4

Deeper areas and a wider variety of bottoms make this a very interesting swim

Swim 5

The deepest part of the lake where big fish like to rest. It's up to you to rouse them from their slumber.

The Social Swim

In the middle of the swims, perfectly positioned Discover a relaxing place with everything you need for a successful stay with friends or family.

Table & Chair
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Legendia Carp

Experience angling paradise at Legendia Carp in Normandy, near Caen and Cherbourg ferries. With top-notch facilities and a 2-acres lake hosting super-powered carp, including legendary albino catfish and Ghost carp.

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