We have developed a range of bait specially created for the lake. We have based this on the feedback from the many fishermen who have come to the estate in recent years. We have thus analysed the brands and ingredients that work best on our carp. From this, we have created 3 recipes to suit all seasons and the preferences of the anglers. It is also important to know that we use these boilies in small doses in the carp feed. This creates an effect of confidence towards the bait, but also a strong attractiveness thanks to this effect: cherry on the cake!

Golden spectre

We wanted a reassuring bait for the most distrustful carp, with high-quality, natural ingredients and flavours easily recognisable by the carp. This makes them irresistible to the most demanding and wary fish in the lake. It is the ideal bait if you want to catch one of our rarities: a ghost, a monstrous common and why not our albino catfish?

red spartan 

Our star boilie that works all year round and that alone will create turbulence around your lines! With its strong, attractive power, the carp will not be long in coming to your fishing area. A real carp magnet! When you use these boilies and other conditions are right, you will have catch after catch. At the core of this spicy boilie, dried fish powder and the well-known Robin-red, which has nothing left to prove just like this boilie.

titan lance

Our big-carp boilie! Fish and shellfish flours with a well-balanced peach aroma. Available in 15 mm only, it allows to deceive the vigilance of the biggest fish. Of course, this type of boilie attracts all types of carp, but the results on big fish are impressive. Come and see for yourself at Legendia Carp. Who will be at the end of your line: Petra, Camelot, Casper?



Our number 1 priority is to preserve the health and growth of our fish through a very high-quality feed. We had to combine this obligation with attractive baits for successful fishing sessions.

The choice of boilies is always even more difficult when it comes to designing them. It was a very important challenge for us because we wanted to offer baits that are essential for fishing Legendia Carp.

So, first of all we listened to the opinions of the anglers who have had the chance to fish the lake and we have listed a whole range of boilies, from brands to ingredients and flavours. But we didn’t want to stop there…
There is no substitute for waterside testing! So we ‘confronted’ the fish in Legendia Carp

We took advantage of this terrible period of covid 19, and of the serious number of postponed holidays, to isolate ourselves for several nights and days on the lake, with our rods and our various boilies.

Each time, we used a simple primer (particles and pellets) so as not to distort the result. Each boilie was tested on different swims and spots at different times of the day to have a exact reading of their efficiency. 3 boilies proved their efficacy very clearly! It’s up to you to test them: you’ll be won over!

This project did not stop there because a few months later the brexit and its consequences did not allow anglers to come with their own bait. The manufacturer to whom we had entrusted this mission of creation of boilies for our lake thus decided to propose an innovative solution for UK Anglers travelling in France: the delivery of bait near your lake. He created Hexabaits and a complete range of baits with combinations that have proven themselves in France. So our Red spartan became the Redacy, our golden spectre became the power nuts and the Titan lance became the Octo-Peach. If you want to order one of our 3 boilies you can go directly through us. If you want to test another bait from Hexabaits then you can go and see their website

The bait that make the difference

Wafters and popups are no longer to be presented. For the wafters we offer of course our 3 flavours below and 3 others that can unlock some complicated situations. For poppus we offer the mainline range.





Red Spartan
Golden Spectre
Titan Lance


Conditioner Carp Pellet
25kg Sack£50


Maize and Wheat (10kg)£27

Dumbell hookers

Cell - 160g Tub£7
New Grange - 160g Tub£7
Activ-8 - 160g Tub£7

Hookbait enhancement system

Cell - 175ml£11
New Grange - 175ml£11
Activ-8 -175ml£11


New Grange - 500ml£7
Condensed Coconut Milk - 500ml£7
Activ-8 - 500ml£7


Pineapple Juice£7
Tutti Frutti£7
Milky Toffee£7
Indian Spice£7
New Grange£7


Red Spartan Wafters 70 gr£7
Golden Spectre Wafters 70 gr£7
Titan Lance Wafters 70 gr£7

Dumbell pop-ups

Pineapple Juice£8
Tutti Frutti£8
Milky Toffee£8
Indian Spice£8
New Grange£8